1. Young Soul

From the recording Return of the Holy Ghost

Nate Zaremba - guitar/bass/vocals/lyrics
Gregg Potter - drums

Mixed by Sam Peters @ La Luna Recording (Kalamazoo, MI)

Mastered by James Auwarter @ Coda Room Audio (London, UK)


Not long before midnight
A full moon shined bright
Trees in full bloom swaying
I heard someone say
There was thunder
Rocking the axis
Her mind wondered
What shall become of this?
There's a lost soul out there
Looking and searching
Looking for his lost love
Searching everywhere
He would find her
After many years
He discovered
Her lake of tears
Clouds shifting in unison
Warning all below
Those who look to the sky
Will be those who go
There's a mystery
Upon all of us
Hidden passages
Hidden in the dust
If I knew then
What I knew now